Understanding Car Finance

lets talk finance … When a person is looking to purchase a car chance is they do not have all of the money to cover the purchase price upfront. Car financing will help a person get the car they need and they can make payments over time. Financing is often based on a person’s credit and in some cases the amount of money they can put down as a down payment on the car.

When it comes to car financing a person can get a loan from a bank or from another lender to cover the cost of the car. The dealership will be paid upfront for the car and a person will pay back on the loan over time. A person should shop around for a good deal. They should check with several banks and lenders to find the lowest interest rate. A person may be able to get a rate as low as four percent. A person should also look at the number of months for repayment. Some lenders are willing to allow a person to make payments for six years or more until the total amount of the loan is repaid. (https://www.letstalkfinance.co.uk/lease-hire-cars)


Car financing will allow a person to get the car they need. They can get financing on a new or a used car. This will allow a person to pay over time. They can take a loan out and make monthly payments over 60 months or more. This makes it more affordable to own a car and allow a person to get a quality car they can pay for over time.


There are some cons when it comes to financing. A person will pay an interest rate based on their credit. To get financing a person needs to have decent credit and cannot have a repossession on their credit report. The lower the credit score a person has the higher the interest rate they are going to pay. They are also going to have to put down a larger down payment. Even those with lower interest rates will end up paying more for the car over time. (https://www.letstalkfinance.co.uk/contract-hire-and-leasing)

Financing and Credit

Financing a car will increase the amount of debt a person carried. If a person is looking to purchase a home the cost of the car can be held against them. If a person pays late or if they fail to pay their credit score will decrease. If they stop paying on the car and it is repossessed this will significantly drop the credit score.


A person will make payments on the loan every month. The exact amount will vary based on the price of the car, the interest rate, the amount of the down payment, and credit score. A person can pay as little as $100 a month of several hundred dollars a month based on the price of the car and their interest rate. Once the loan is paid in full a person will get the title for the car.

Car financing can help a person get a reliable car and they can pay for it over time. This will allow a person to get into a car they can depend on and make smaller payments over time.